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Benefits of a Ledgers Franchise


Franchising in general has a great deal of benefits; from the simple things like Brand Recognition to operating standards, franchises have a much higher success rate than non-franchised businesses.

At Ledgers, we believe our success lies in your success; to that end, our management team, marketing department and operations teams will do whatever is necessary to help you provide the best services possible to your clients and to grow a successful Business Services Franchise.


In addition to the general benefits of a Franchise, Ledgers offers the following excellent benefits:

- Accounting and Tax Support

- Central Processing, We do the work, you make the money!

- Marketing Support and materials created by Professionals

- Marketing Campaigns that are tested and proven to bring you clients

- Extensive Training Programs

- Gain from the Knowledge of more than 100 people in the Ledgers Group

- Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

- Internal Processes and Templates that save you time and increase your profitability

- Professional Image and Strong Credibility


Our Model provides you with sound cash flow, 12 Months per year, not just a 3 month a year, part-time business.





Ledgers Net

Ledgers Net

You don't need to give away valuable business to other because you are not confident that you can complete the work. Ledgers provides a High Level Accounting, Tax, Business and Tax Planning Support. With Ledgers Net you have 24/7 a place where find the support you need.